Beaux Mondes (bo-monz) Bengals is a family run cattery.  I am the owner, Vicki Beeler, and this venture has been a lifelong dream of mine growing out of a sincere love of all animals.  After enjoying raising my three children and building a career in court reporting, I am having the time of my life caring for and nurturing these gorgeous felines. 

We are located in a quiet neighborhood in northwest Oklahoma City.  The cats and kittens reside in our home and are important and loved members of our family.  My entire family is involved and everyone helps to raise happy and healthy kittens.  My daughter Macy graduated from Oklahoma State University and is currently in graduate school in psychology.  Macy and I have served together as board members of the Animal Rescue Friends of Nichols Hills where we volunteered every week to secure homes for homeless dogs and cats before she left for college, and she continues to help us out when she is home.

My son Austin is our �kitty condo� builder and is currently a petroleum engineer for Turner Oil & Gas.  He designed a wonderful Bachelor Pad for our handsome Studs.  My youngest son Clay is a United States Marine who has served in Iraq and currently stationed in Afghanistan.  We are all very proud of Clay for his service to our country and looking forward to his return.  My children and their friends have contributed greatly to the socialization of all of the Bengals.  

O'Malley, big brother to all the Bengals, was rescued by the Animal Rescue Friends of Nichols Hills when he was just hours old and I couldn't bear not to take him in.  It was such a rewarding experience to see him develop into a beautiful healthy boy. 

I have been so fortunate in receiving advice and guidance from wonderful breeders who have turned out to be great friends as well.  They have helped me "see" the qualities we are looking for in this stunning breed and entrusted me with their lines in order to achieve this goal.

Beaux Mondes Bengals is proud to be a certified member of both The International Cat Association and The International Bengal Cat SocietyOur Studs and Queens include early generation and SBT Bengals from some of the best Bengal lines and our goal is to raise healthy and well-socialized kittens retaining the Asian Leopard Cat type.

Needless to say, we are very excited about our program and hope that you will take a look at our baby Bengals as they become available in our nursery.


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